Introducing the All-new Redwood Art Group

Redwood has a new look—and a new online art gallery

Mission Critical

At the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, hands-on learning, cutting-edge research and community engagement are leading the way to a healthier world.

Checklist: How to Have the Assisted Living Talk with an Aging Parent

If you’re considering talking to your parent about assisted living, here are nine tips for navigating the conversation.

Champion of the Comics

Mort Walker never wanted to write the great American novel. He wanted to write the great American comic strip. Although Beetle Bailey never got a promotion in the
Army, Beetle Bailey made it to the top of the funnies.

What to Say When a Loved One with Memory Loss Doesn’t Recognize You

Elite Business Systems for Highgate Senior Living

Learn how best to comfort and communicate with the person you love.

Bar Review

A significant number of law students are struggling with mental health and substance use issues yet are reluctant to seek help


Mizzou alumna Winnie Fritz has always gone where there was no path and left a trail.

What Older Parents Really Want from Their Adult Children

A lot has been written about caring for aging parents from the perspective of the adult child. But what do older parents really want from their adult children?

It's Time to Wake Up

Alex Lindley learned the hard way how the stigma of mental illness keeps people from seeking help. He’s out to change that.

Infographic: What Level of Care Should You Be Researching?

It’s probably not a nursing home. Use this flow chart to point yourself in the right direction in terms of what level of senior care you might need.

How to Cope with Caregiver Guilt When Deciding on Long-Term Care

A guide for family caregivers who are struggling with feelings of guilt

Red Dot Miami Prospectus

Looking to make contact with experienced buyers and collectors and expand your gallery's reach to an international collector base? Apply to Red Dot Miami. 

Artexpo Las Vegas Will Make You Look

Any way you look at it, Artexpo Las Vegas is your new destination for contemporary art that means business. 

You Are What You Eat

Why every bite you take is another way of choosing recovery

Guide to Memory Care and Dementia Communities

This guide will look at everything you need to know — from signs it’s time to start exploring your options to how to find a quality community and questions to ask when touring. 

Spreading the Message of Hope

Tom Bennett has spent the past 10 years working as a catalyst for collegiate recovery. As the higher education recovery coordinator for Acadia Healthcare, he remains steadfast in his commitment to meeting the needs of the emerging adult population.

Skin Deep

A close look at the most common type of cancer

The Hill School

How a small town in Virginia built an educational community where teachers and parents are dedicated not only to what students learn but also who they become

When Sandwich Generation Siblings Become Caregivers Together

Learn how to navigate the complications that arise when siblings team up to care for an aging parent.

Kitchen Upgrade

Three pieces of cutting-edge equipment that free up time and head space

Should You Take an Online Memory Loss Test?

If you’re worried about long-term memory loss, you should probably skip the online memory loss test screenings and visit a doctor.

The Pre-K Debate Goes On

More than five years after his book The Pre-K Debates was published, early childhood education expert Water Gilliam is still examining the most debated pre-K issues.

Recovery on the Small Screen

Writers and producers are now telling stories about recovery with more empathy and accuracy than ever before. 

Why Don't You Drink?

People shouldn't ask, but they do. Here are some ways to respond when someone asks why you're not drinking. 

Perfect Pairings

Great food combinations for cancer fighters

To Disclose or Not To Disclose

Seven tips for navigating a job interview while in recovery

The 6 Best Investments You Can Make in 2018

Redwood Media Group's fine and contemporary art shows connect top artists, gallery owners, and publishers with buyers, collectors, and dealers who love their work.

Breaking Good

Mizzou Alternative Breaks changes the lives of students and those they serve.

Racing for Recovery

Todd Crandell is considered one of the most elite endurance athletes in the world. To the Racing for Recovery community, he's proof that with sobriety anything is possible. 

Sober Fun in the Sun

Sober travel is so much more than going on vacation and not drinking. It's about getting comfortable in your skin and being willing to have a bigger life. 

How to Leverage Your Church Property to Meet Your Ministry’s Goals

DCG Strategies

Centerville Presbyterian Church is facing the very real and growing challenge of offering affordable housing for key staff.

The Workforce Housing Advantage Solution Paper

DCG Strategies

An innovative approach to ease California’s teacher shortage while boosting educational opportunities

Keeping Your Parents Out of the Nursing Home E-book

BlueStar HonorCare

Although many nursing homes and assisted living facilities today offer wonderful care, many seniors would prefer to live out their lives in the comfort of their home.

The Kids Healthy Weight Project

Jill Castle

Getting healthy takes planning, effort and patience, but the healthy habits your child learns now can last a lifetime. Are you ready to commit to a plan that works?

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